Foundation for Education to Improve Family Planning (FEFP)

Foundation for Education to Improve Family Planning

FEFP is a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) with a mission to support education, in particular of (pre)adolescent underprivileged youngsters, with particular reference to the societal and environmental consequences of population growth and poverty.

Transfer of  shares of Fund+ from DCS to FEFP 

 On December 31 2020, DCS transferred 38,585 shares of Fund+ NV/SA, as well as the outstanding commitment and the associated grants therefor,  into the newly founded Charitable Foundation FEFP (“Foundation for Education to improve Family Planning). FEFP takes over all rights and obligations of DCS towards Fund+ NV/SA, including an outstanding commitment to pay in additionally 17,451,000 Euro as uncalled capital.

Potential future income from these shares will be used to support the  educational projects of FEFP. Should this no longer be reasonably possible, the residual assets will be returned to The Collen Charitable Trust,  the original grantor of the funds.