Francqui Foundation

Francqui Foundation

The Francqui Foundation was set up to support the development of higher education and scientific research in Belgium. It has the public utility status under Belgian law. (

 Fondation Francqui – Stichting : Statuten (in Dutch)

DCS/DCF supports the biomedical programs of the Francqui Foundation via the Collen-Francqui Fund, which is incorporated in the Francqui Foundation. The Collen-Francqui Fund is constituted by a grant to DCS/DCF from the Collen Charitable Trust (CCT). 

 Laureates of the Francqui-Collen Prizes  2023

 The Francqui Foundation has awarded two researchers from KU Leuven: Sarah-Maria Fendt, who is also affiliated with VIB, for her Fundamental Biomedical Research, and Philippe Lemey, a researcher at the Rega Institute who is awarded the 2023 Francqui-Collen Prize in Clinical and Translational Research. The international jury commended the laureates for their pioneering work, inspirational role and global impact of their research.  

 Laureates of the Francqui-Collen Prizes  2020

The Francqui Foundation has awarded two laureates in the biological and medical sciences. Cédric Blanpain (ULB) for his fundamental research in the area of cancer and the biology of stem cells. Bart Loeys (UA) for his clinical and translational research towards a better understanding, better diagnosis and better treatment of genetic diseases that affect the blood vessels.