Fonds Prof. Dr. Marc Verstraete (via LSRP)

Fonds Prof. Dr. Marc Verstraete – 2017

Prof. Dr. Marc Verstraete (Bruges April 1, 1925, – Leuven August 16, 2018,) performed pioneering research in thrombosis, hemostasis and vascular medicine. He started the Laboratory of Thrombosis and Vascular Research, which later became the Center for Molecular and Vascular Biology, at KU Leuven. He also headed the clinical department of hemostasis and vascular medicine (Bloedings- en Vaatziekten) at the University Hospitals of KU Leuven. Several hundreds of researchers graduated under his guidance. In 1996 he was awarded hereditary nobility status with the personal title of baron.

LSRP provided the initial grant to the fund, which honors the pioneering work of Prof. Dr. Marc baron Verstraete. The fund provides support to young graduates at the start of their research career.

Grant of LSRP to KU Leuven – September 13, 2016

A grant of €1,000,000 was obtained by LSRP from the Collen Charitable Trust and via an agreement with KU Leuven assigned to the Fund Prof. Dr. Marc Verstraete