Huyze Marc Verstraete

Huyze Marc Verstraete

‘Huyze Verstraete’ is situated in the historical center of Leuven at the iconic location just across the first anatomical theatre (1744) and just 50 meters away from the renowned Botanical Garden. Part of Leuven’s heritage, the late-classicist house was built around 1800 and served as the residency of the Verstraete family for more than half a century. Situated close to the former university hospitals of Leuven, Sint-Rafael and Sint-Pieter, and to the deanery of the Faculty of Medicine, it has also been a well-known meeting place for researchers and clinicians in the fields of thrombosis, hemostasis and cardiovascular sciences.

Renovation Plan Huyze Marc Verstraete (pending)

Huyze Verstraete will undergo a thorough renovation and will become a place where researchers can meet and stay. Researchers working for their PhD, post-doctoral researchers at the KU Leuven, or clinical fellows at the university hospitals will find individual studios and small apartments in a pleasant setting. The ground floor will be arranged as fully equipped meeting rooms. Huyze Verstraete will foster the tradition of scientific interactions, inspired by the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Marc baron Verstraete.

DCS/DCF funds for Huyze Marc Verstraete

DSC/DCF received a donation from the Collen Charitable Trust, a distribution from the Colesta Trust and a gift from Désiré Collen for the acquisition and the renovation of Huyze Marc Verstraete.