Learning Center Désiré Collen (LCDC)

2Bergen Learning Center Désiré Collen 

The Learning Center Désiré Collen is part of the new ‘ALO’ building which houses the student restaurant Alma, the Learning Center and the Education Tower on Campus Gasthuisberg of KU Leuven. The Learning Center comprises a large space reserved for group work and ten smaller rooms equipped with wireless projection screens that allow for various forms of small group work. The limited hard copy library collection is housed in the study area.

The new library can accommodate up to 400 students preparing for their exams in a quiet environment but in the company of fellow students. There are picnic benches on the terrace where students can take a break or have a quick meal in the restaurant, including on Saturdays and Sundays. (https://bib.kuleuven.be/english/2bergen/mgas)

Grant of LSRP to KU Leuven for LCDC

A grant of €1,000,000, obtained by Life Sciences Research Partners (LSRP) from the Collen
Charitable Trust (CCT), was donated to KU Leuven to support the construction of
the Learning Center Désiré Collen (LCDC).